What floors can be installed over concrete slabs?

What floors can be installed over concrete slabs?

Some homes don’t have basements but, rather, concrete slabs. This foundation costs less and reduces damage risk when a house sits on a high water table.

Most subfloors are either concrete or plywood. When shopping for new floors, you'll want to know what kind of subfloor you have.

You can have hardwood–but only if it is engineered

You may be longing for wood floors and, with the correct version, you can have them. Unlike its solid counterpart, engineered hardwood is more stable and better able to handle water.

Engineered looks similar to solid but has a construction that makes it suitable for higher-than-normal moisture places. The good news is that it includes concrete slabs and basements below grade.

You’ll see beautiful designs at our flooring store. They come from brands like TecWood, Mannington, and more.

Vinyl floors are ideal

Whether sheet or luxury, these floors are acceptable for any subfloor. Sheet vinyl doesn't have seams, so there are no gaps, making it ideal for moisture resistance.

Utterly impervious to water, luxury vinyl is an excellent alternative to genuine materials like wood. In addition, it is cut into long planks or square tile-sized pieces that add even more realism.


Laminate is installed over any subfloor. In all cases, be sure to talk to the experts at our flooring company about your subfloor; imperfections can telegraph up to the surface floor.

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