Quiet, comfort & design

From the moment you step out of bed in the morning, luxurious carpet creates a welcoming and warm touch. Whether you're playing with your kids on the floor or walking through a beautifully decorated room, carpet creates an integral and valuable foundation for your home. But did you know that carpet is more than just comfortable and beautiful? It's also important for safety. From the elderly to the very young, it's important to have slip-resistant carpet to minimize falls and provide a cushion for the falls if they do occur. And believe it or not, carpet helps you breathe easier. Scientists have determined that carpet fibers can trap potential allergy-causing particulates to prevent them from being inhaled. Adding high-quality carpet adds great value to your home. We offer carpet at a price to meet any budget. Visit our showroom for personal help in selecting carpet for your home or business, or view our inventory online.

Peace & quiet

Carpet (combined with carpet cushioning) can serve as an effective noise reducer in your home for a more peaceful atmosphere. It's also a "sound" investment with today's technology which provides durability and comfort.

Stunning designs

Carpet creates incredible designs with striking colors, patterns, or textures. It's the foundation of a room's style. With nearly unlimited choices in color, you can express yourself to create a home that is uniquely you.

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